November monthly horoscope – A Time To Question Our Beliefs

This month of November unfortunately presents more potentially tricky vibrations in the heavens than helpful planetary star patterns.

Being specific, there are 12 negative alignments compared with only 9 that are characteristically more fortunate.

During the month, there are some other changes to be noted. Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday 3 November, Uranus also goes direct on 8 November; there is a Full Moon on 9 November; Mercury also enters Sagittarius on Wednesday 12; and the Sun follows suit into the same sign around 23; a New Moon in Sagittarius on 24 November; followed by Venus once more moving into the hard working sign of Capricorn on 27 November.

Firstly we witness beautiful Venus move into philosophical Sagittarius on 3 November 2017 and this I feel will give some hope towards some peaceful negotiations between some countries, if the energies are manoeuvred and/or desired in this direction. There could be some relationships in the news and weddings occurring between people of different nationalities. I feel that some may travel long distances to be with those they love.

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Actually, for a brief three day period we see five planets in Sagittarius between Monday 24 November and into the early hours of Thursday 27 November 2017. This time frame includes the planets of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. This combination of planets in the philosophical sign of Sagittarius could be suggesting that it is a good time to question our beliefs. Perhaps what we once thought was true no longer is, or perhaps we have to view things from a new angle. There is no right or wrong way, just a way that suits ourselves and our lifestyle. It does not really matter if no-one else out there agrees with you. What you believe in is your own personal choice and no-one has the right to tell you otherwise. Personally I get quite tired of people telling me, “you should do this, or you should do that”. Well, guess what, I’m not listening. I do have an open mind and will discuss any matter at length, but the bottom line is, I will make up my own mind as to what I believe in, and I will make my own choices in life. Finally, I reserve the right to have an idealist viewpoint.

Moving right along…

With the return to direct motion of the unpredictable planet Uranus on Saturday 8 November, this can be useful for all those astrologers out there, the aviation, radio and television industries, and any new technological advances that have been waiting in the wings to get their launch out into the big wide world. Businesses that run along these lines can now push ahead with confidence that smooth sailing is once again obtainable. NASA may have more luck with their projects into outer space. Those amongst us who are generally highly intuitive, may get super flashes of insight and be able to just ‘know’ which is the right way to turn or the best place to be at the most perfect time.

Around Wednesday 12 November the nimble messenger Mercury moves into philosophical Sagittarius. This can highlight the areas of opinions and beliefs and have people expressing their own ideas on what is the real truth or purpose of our existence. We may also see a lot of interest in the travel industry and overseas matters and people coming to our attention, more so than usual.

The Sun quickly follows suit and enters Sagittarius on Sunday 23 November. This can bring overseas matters to the fore and there could very well be a big focus on Australia and someone in prominence here or a VIP visiting this country or having an impact overseas. Some members of the British Royal family may be on the move and travelling far and wide.

Lastly in the month Venus moves again, and this time into the hardworking sign of Capricorn. This could be a good time to bring some fresh flowers to the office, or do some re-decorating especially anything involving beautiful arrangements, colours, delicate flowing fabrics, drapes or antiques. People of different age groups or nationalities can achieve some harmony if they make the effort during this time.

Now down to the specifics of daily planetary activity.

The favourable days in November 2017 are:

Saturday 1 November 2017: Mercury sextile Jupiter. This could prove to be a great day to travel, start a new book, open a book store or one associated with the travel industry. People will generally tend to be liberal and broad-minded in their thinking and approach to life. A good day to start teaching, lecturing or writing a lengthy project or a book. The area of communications and information will be busy and any business started today that connects with these will fare well. This is a good time for negotiations and for getting your message across. The advertising and news media areas will be highly productive. There could be a merger between two large organisations, companies or countries, that can benefit everyone involved.

Also on Saturday 1 November 2017 is the Mercury trine Saturn aspect and this brings the kind of day to get truly focussed and organised, especially with paperwork, telephone calls and any demanding job that requires concentration and attention to detail. Maybe balance the cheque-book or start a new study course. Jobs commenced today may have long term obligations involved so if you are mature and keen to plant the seeds for things to grow slowly yet surely, take some action and get started today. This is also a good time to sit down and do some serious planning for your future. You will feel organised and enjoy the challenge of putting your life in order and meeting your obligations. Any new business proposal can be considered to be worth your effort or investigation.

Sunday 2 November 2017: Jupiter sextile Saturn. (Also note the note so favourable alignment of Venus square Uranus on the same day). Firstly, this harmonising of Jupiter with Saturn can be great for investing in real estate, for starting a new business project, attempting some mammoth challenge and knuckling down to apply yourself 100% and more for the years ahead. A good day too for getting married, buying a home, starting a new savings strategy. Mixing business with pleasure can spell success if you are conservative yet expansive and philosophical in your approach. Contacts with those in a position of power or influence will also meet with approval. Adjust your sights to take in the bigger picture, yet weighing this with a strong sense of responsibility and determination to succeed.

Thursday 6 November 2017: Sun trine Saturn. This promises to keep the established order of things on the right track. If you wish to impress the boss, or show them how responsible and hard working you are, then choose today to make your move. Choose to be upstanding, conservative and reliable and your efforts will be recognised, perhaps not overnight, but it will happen. Applying for jobs in the public service or other traditional establishment will meet with success if you follow the rules to the T. Dress conservatively, obey orders, be on time, and you will surely rise up the corporate ladder if this is what you are wishing for. People need to know that they can rely on you and know that you are the rock upon which others lean on for guidance and wisdom. Various efforts made today will have very long range effects so put some real effort into your endeavours, and if you can be there for the long haul, success will follow.

Friday 7 November 2017: Sun sextile Jupiter. This is a beautiful alignment of the life-giving Sun with expansive Jupiter. It can provide us with the inspiration and faith to get any new endeavour under way with enthusiasm and sincerity of purpose. Open an entertainment centre or have a huge banquet or festival then and it will go off like a rocket to the Moon. This is also a good day to get married, start new friendships and any project involved with gold, glamour or places of amusement or the publishing industry. It is also one of the better kind of planetary times to commence just about anything that is important to you. A new store or business opening today would do well if focussed on books, publishing, the travel industry or to do with the law. If you strive for success on a day like this you are likely to achieve your goal. This is also a good time to start an overseas holiday.

Tuesday 11 November 2017: Venus sextile Neptune. This is just wonderful for a first date, getting engaged or married or throwing a huge party or other social gathering. If you utilise the themes of the ocean, romance or magical effects, the outcome will be truly fascinating for all those who participate. Musicians, artists and poets will be in their element with their thoughts and imagination flowing freely and inspired by the mystical aspects of the Universe. A good day to open a business focussing on the elements of beauty, flowers, crystals, perfumes and women’s products.

Friday 14 November 2017: Mars trine Saturn. If you want to start something that will continue for a long time, then commence it today. Those projects involving foreign trade, the motor and building industries will be the best investments. If you can keep your nose to the grindstone and be in it for the long haul, your efforts will be well rewarded in the long term. A good day to buy a new car.

Wednesday 19 November 2017: Mercury sextile Neptune. A brilliant day to tune into the Cosmos for some amazing enlightenment. New publications released today will do well, especially if they can incorporate some measure of mystery into their stories. Starting a new book focussing on the mysteries of the Universe, dreams or psychic phenomena will proceed very well. Travel brochures will be eagerly snapped up today and bookings made for overseas destinations with great enthusiasm. The travel industry in particular will have a busy day moving people from A to B in quick succession.

Wednesday 26 November 2017: Venus sextile Uranus. Those who dare to be innovative will capture the attention of their audience in a startling and exciting way during this time. Love relationships started today will be different in as many ways as there are stars in the sky. People involved in the arts, musical, beauty or related fields will be very productive and become more creative and inventive than usual. Those who wish to shock the conservative ones will be pleasantly surprised at how well they are actually accepted. The more unique your product or talent that you wish to show or sell will prove highly prosperous. A good day to get married, go on a first date, buy new clothes or throw a party or become involved in any form of entertainment.

The not so favourable days in November 2017 are:

Sunday 2 November 2017: Venus square Uranus. (Also please note the more powerful Jupiter sextile Saturn aspect on the same day). This can throw a spanner in the works or a curve ball your way that you were not anticipating. As this is a not so favourable influence for starting new friendships, relationships of getting married, I would wait for a more opportune blending of heavenly star patterns. If unions are commenced today they may be brief or the person leaves very abruptly with almost no warning. Those who choose today to marry may find themselves in the divorce courts before too long. It is an OK time to have a masquerade party or other social event where people are permitted to let their hair down and be as wild as they wish. Just don’t expect new liaisons to be long-term, nor get involved in financial affairs that have the slightest suggestion of risk.

Monday 3 November 2017: Sun square Neptune. This alignment is potentially very secretive and people are prone to be susceptible to major confusion. Some who are into swindling and scams will pull the wool over the eyes of those who are gullible or who take everything at face value. There will be wolves hiding beneath sheep clothing. There will be many who will camouflage their true colours, so for those who are wearing blinkers, you may suffer at their hands. To put it simply, as I have said before, trust everyone, but cut the cake yourself. Drugs may be found in unlikely places or hidden by people whom you would not suspect. Just remember, no-one should be above reproach. Beware of danger or problems near the ocean, gas, oil wells, and take care that there is nothing contaminating your food or drinks. Poisoning can occur for the unwary. Friendships formed today need to pass the test of time before people are considered trustworthy. Someone in power may be on an ego trip and try to call someone’s bluff on a major issue. Do not trust strangers or any new kids on the block, so to speak.

Wednesday 12 November 2017: Mercury square Uranus. A buzzing and electrically charged day so plan your agenda with plenty of room to manoeuvre when the interruptions come in. Many will find themselves mentally exhausted after a day like this and the long hot bath at the end of the day will be truly welcomed before retiring to bed. Some will just thrive though and flashes like bolts of lightening will enter their brainwaves, and have them coming up with the most amazing insights and new inventions. Keep a pen and paper handy or a tape recorder for all those great ideas to make note of before they get lost in cyberspace. The Internet will go into overdrive too and your inbox could overflow or get blocked in some way due to over use.

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Thursday 13 November 2017: Black Friday. Venus square Mars. This is a contentious aspect between Venus, the planet of love and harmony, and Mars, the God of War. This can be highly problematic when it comes to relationships. Men and women will generally speaking not see eye to eye, or they both have a totally different agenda. This is not a good day to have a first date, get engaged or married. There is too much potential discord and people only seeing the physical or exterior of each other rather than the true personality. Physical attraction will be the name of the game so if you are the sensitive, emotional and romantic kind, do not get involved with a new partner around this time as this is definitely not the roses and candlelight aspect. This is more than likely going to bring about hot and steamy encounters that often are not long lasting, though they can be if each person is highly evolved and mature. Advertising aimed at seductive techniques though could be highly rewarding and capture the necessary sexual fantasies of those who are vulnerable to such luring promises.

Saturday 15 November 2017: Venus square Jupiter. This is not perhaps the worst day in the month, unless you are going shopping with that brand new credit card and get carried away by all the goodies on offer. Things will be over-done and lavish and if you apply this in relation to a party, well at least everyone will have a good time, even if they do eat and drink too much or start some new relationship that seems inappropriate to their status. Weddings held today will be big, brash, boastful and very expensive. Diamond dealers may have a good retail trading day as will businesses selling perfumes, flowers, clothing, jewellery and other items of beauty and adornment.

Tuesday 18 November 2017: Venus conjunct Pluto. This does not bode well for all new relationships, friendships and is not the day to propose, get engaged or married. People can become obsessive about one another and later found to be prying into their private affairs. This is the sinister and subversive side of this aspect and can be productive of jealousy to an insane degree. Those who do choose to unite today will probably live to regret it. There will be undercurrents of resentment and hidden motives to the relationship. One may manipulate the other and this will have sinister overtones and result in pain and suffering to the victim. Also do not start any new enterprise today, especially one that involves your hard earned savings. Do not start a new business project, especially one that involves flowers, perfumes or any situation where you are expecting things to flow smoothly. Time is the great teacher, and today the lessons may be harder to swallow.

Friday 21 November 2017: Mars opposition Jupiter. Don’t challenge the law courts today or take on a big project where you are expecting a favourable outcome. Chances are your energies will be wasted or misused or you will be incorrectly guided about a very serious and important matter. Avoid large groups of people or situations where things can be blown out of all proportion to the matter at hand. Not a good day to travel, so plan another day if possible. A judge or magistrate may have a contentious issue to deal with that will be difficult to dissolve and cause embarrassment to someone in a high position, perhaps even to themselves.

Saturday 22 November 2017: Sun square Uranus. Don’t count on things going as planned today, for every little hiccup can magnify and throw your life into chaos. Air travel may be disrupted or exceptionally busy and mistakes are likely to occur that interfere with the way you had wanted things to go. Have a plan B ready as more than likely you will need it. Sudden, unexpected events can occur quite rapidly and prevent an easy flow of ideas and plans. Avoid rebellious people and eccentrics as they can play havoc with your routines or your way of life. Someone in power may have their status changed or they suffer an unexpected fall.

Sunday 23 November 2017: Mercury square Jupiter. Big plans made today may not fulfil your initial requirements, further down the road. If you order one hundred of something, it may turn out that you only needed five. The emphasis will be on expansion and learning, but the effort and enthusiasm will be just as big an ask. Commit only to what you are suited to, or else you could find yourself out on a limb in less time that you can say your name.

Monday 24 November 2017: Mercury square Mars. This is not the day to buy a new car, start a new business or take on more than you can handle. Some people may make hasty or rash decisions, and will wish they hadn’t very soon after. Some people may stretch the brawn or the brain, or both, and end up with sore muscles or a headache. I would not advise starting a long road or rail journey. The news may not be what we want to hear and bad news tends to travel fast on days like this too. Also don’t expect people to be patient or tolerant today and do not attempt to reach amicable agreements as people just won’t be in the mood, or just too rushed to listen. Some people may not take enough care with their speech, taking one foot out of the mouth only to replace it with the other foot just as quickly.

Tuesday 25 November 2017: Mercury conjunct Pluto. This is an aspect that can be interpreted as either positive or negative and the energies can swing either way depending on what it is that you are trying to accomplish. A good day to investigate any matter that you need the answer to. Riddles, puzzles and intrigues can be revealed if you pursue with relentless enthusiasm. Travel undertaken today could revolutionise your life and perhaps give you a new purpose or provide ideas on how you can transform yourself or your surroundings. Police will uncover lies or deception on a day like this and perhaps unearth some bodies, remains or relics that had been missing for years. Archaeologists too may discover some long buried artefacts that will reveal some truths or new knowledge that had been well hidden. Use this day to focus on starting or completing something of immense personal importance to you and you will be amazed at your progress.

Thursday 27 November 2017: Mars square Pluto. This is the most volatile aspect we have this month and I feel can be connected with potential war threats in the world. As Mars and Pluto both have rulership over death and violence, this is not the time to walk alone in a dark alley or take any chances with your life, or risks to your safety or to meet with strangers. The element can be explosive and deep resentments can build from encounters made today that have sinister intentions. Don’t start any new business or friendships today and make every attempt to avoid people and places of shady character.

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