Natives under the sign of the Dog

You are a delightful person that never misses a witty joke and that, despite your unstoppable tendency to show your cunning and to tease, is rarely crossing the line.
Contradictions? Yes, certainly. And even more than that. Dogs are ingenious and they like to get involved in absolutely anything. You understand what’s going on long before it’s over, but you never laugh until everything is done and OK.

You like to plot and to plan everything ahead. When you are confronted with something unexpected or with a miasma of human complexity, you sharp-spirited Dogs will always find the way to restore the order.
You are invaluable as “tribe chiefs”, but also good employees and counselors. The position that suits you best is that of a vice-president. Functions and ranks mean nothing to you if your instincts don’t recognize them. No matter how high your function or rank is, you will still be “behind yourself”.
Without making too much noise, you will manage the show with plenty of dexterity from behind the scenes. You refuse to grow old. If you have enough funds to jump into surgery for a face-lift, or a nose job or hair transplant, you will certainly and impatiently do so.

When you choose your partner, make sure it is a Rat, a Dragon or a Tiger. The first and the last part of your life will be peaceful. In your 40s, you might experience an unexpected loss of confidence because of a love crisis, which is characteristic for the middle age.

This period of weakness will go away after you surpass 45 years old. A piece of advice? It is not enough to be smarter than everybody else, but it is enough to know when to bet and when to “pass”; this is the secret to winning many of the games you like.

Chinese Lucky Charms to Attract Good Luck in the Year of the Dog

Refine your sense of synchronicity through attention and careful observation. You will live a long life and a wealthier life than others if you learn to preserve your precious energy.
Ups: the Dog can be reasonable, faithful, autonomous, candid, altruistic, successful, inventive, cooperant, loving, intelligent, individual and a generous host.
Downs: the Dog can also be too emotional, whimsy, perfidious, self-indulgent, immature, indifferent, uncaring, gullible, a petty little man.
As a conclusion: You have a practical intelligence and a clever spirit. At the same time, thanks to your extraordinarily natural and magnetic personality, you are liked by the society.

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