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Characteristics of chinese animal signs

According to the Chinese Astrological System, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon and is associated with one of the twelve animals. Their qualities “animate” the year and flavour it with their distinct natures. So what is your animal sign

November monthly horoscope – A Time To Question Our Beliefs

This month of November unfortunately presents more potentially tricky vibrations in the heavens than helpful planetary star patterns. Being specific, there are 12 negative alignments compared with only 9 that are characteristically more fortunate. During the month, there are some other changes to be noted.

Difference Between Astrology and Astronomy

One difference between astrology and astronomy is that astrology attempts to relate the motions of the sun, moon, and planets to the realm of human affairs, while astronomy considers those bodies (and others in the heavens) in their own right and in relation to one

2018 Horoscope – Free Astrology Year Report

Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19) This year’s eclipses mark an important period in your self-development. You’ll encounter the need for some emotional clearing out, as you release the things you no longer need. You might change jobs, move house or end a relationship. You’ll

Compatibilities in the Chinese Zodiac

The signs of the Chinese Zodiac highlights some personality traits that characterize, in general, individuals born in the time periods indicated. Although the development, evolution individual prevails, there are a number of limitations, the specific characteristics of each zodiac, which either can not be exceeded

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The Childs born in the year of the Dog

To see if your child was born in the year of the Pig, you can check the following table: EXACT TIME ELEMENT February 14, 1934  –  February 3, 1935 WOOD February 2, 1946  – January 21, 1947 FIRE February 18, 1958  – February 7, 1959

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Natives under the sign of the Dog

You are a delightful person that never misses a witty joke and that, despite your unstoppable tendency to show your cunning and to tease, is rarely crossing the line. Contradictions? Yes, certainly. And even more than that. Dogs are ingenious and they like to get